Project Brazil

Dutch pupils of Huygens College and Brazilian students will be working together in their search for cultural differences and similarities between the two countries during this project. The Dutch will meet these children whom are living in the slums of Recife (favela Pina) together with teachers and a photographer/artist,. The aim is to work together on a photo exposition about each others expectations and ideas.

Beto Figueiroa, a photographer/artist from Recife, has been approached to organize a partnership between the two groups of pupils. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/betofigueiroa/)

The focus during this cooperative learning process is coaching the pupils in how to make photo’s and to show them how photography can be used as an art form to express their dreams and hopes for themselves. This project will offer the students a unique opportunity working close by and with the artist and allows them to explore Recife through the eye of the camera.

The fifteen pupils will work in different ways with photography. Not only the technical skills on how to work with a camera will be taught but also working close by and with the photographer/artist itself is going to play an important role during this project.
The focus will be to make photo’s in relation to the living conditions in the favela’s but in a positive manner contrary to the extend in which Brazilian favela’s usually are being portrayed.

The Huygens pupils will also work together with pupils of a Capoeira school São Salamão in Pina, Recife. Beside capoeira students learn here language and mathematics.
For information look at http://www.capoeirasaosalomao.com.br/ . In Amsterdam all students had capoeiralessons from Marreta, see http://www.berimbau.nl

In school the Dutch pupils have already worked with their art teachers on photography.

Both groups of pupils will use their ideas how to organize a photo exposition. The photo’s will be made in the immediate surroundings of the favela and several other locations in Recife.

This project wants to raise global awareness among the pupils whom have little or no idea about the partnership between goodwill organizations. For this project Huygens College is working together with goodwill organization SOOS (www.soos-brasil.nl)

Photography can enhance their understanding in relation the living conditions of the Brazilian pupils and will allow them to look more closer into their daily life in a less confronting manner. Making photo’s and looking at the end result of their own work is also a way of looking at it from an artistic point of view.

The project can also contribute to social cohesion in relation to the North and South problems by raising money through organizing activities to find sponsorships.
The idea is to have and hold a partnership with the school in Recife and support this school to create more chances in the near future for these pupils.




Feel Good In Da Hood


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All You Can Eat USA

photography by annemarie trovato
on set images from “desperately seeking”
a short video on muslims in america


Mohamed and Miro

Mohamed and Miro